I am a painter and writer, living and working on the Cambridge Suffolk border. I have a portfolio of paintings and prints for sale, undertake commissioned work, and offer tuition in painting, drawing, printmaking and sculpture.
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About how I work

I draw in order to more fully understand what it is I see. My work is usually based on my drawings. By better understanding and describing the form, one can begin to abstract and see the underlying patterns revealed.
Picasso said, "Art is the lie that enables us to tell the truth." A painting will always be a construct of some kind. The boat that one is painting will inevitably steam away, leaving one to somehow make sense of the space!
If my paintings are about anything they are about the stilled moment, which like Eliot's ginger jar, is perpetual in its motion. It is Eliot's "stilled point", in all its complexity, that I am trying to describe in my work.
Four Quartets is a painter's poem. It is certainly the one that speaks most clearly to me, both in its ambitions and in its recognition of human frailty and imprecision.
"Only by the form, the pattern,
can words or music reach
the stillness, as a Chinese jar still
moves perpetually in the stillness.."
-- T. S. Eliot Burnt Norton, Four Quartets
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Carborundum print of Sanga Bulls on Moulin du Gue, in Red Oxide 29" x 51", Kip Gresham's blind stamp, signed edition of 10 (available)
Plaster (nfs)
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